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range nuclear forces treaty

NATO and the new Cold War (tags)

In the period between 1999 and 2023, 14 states of the former Warsaw Pact were admitted to NATO in several stages: an increasing threat to the Russian Federation due to the ongoing shift of NATO's eastern borders to Russian territory. In 2018, Trump terminated the Arms Control Treaty, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty & in 2020 the Open Skies Treaty.

War in Ukraine. Nato taboos fall (tags)

This military-scientific glorification of a war that has long been hopeless for both sides, which is also supported by some media, leads to the postulation of the prospect of victory against one's better judgment. What is meant, however, is more likely a victorious peace.

NATO Preparing for War with Russia? (tags)


New York Times Big Lies (tags)


US Escalates Confrontation with Russia (tags)


US Solution to Everything: War (tags)


INF Infowar (tags)

Russia bashing

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