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Le monde de l'extrême droite et ses courants (tags)

Gauche, extrême gauche, droite, extrême droite, des divers fascismes...

Les technologies de l'isolement (tags)

La fragmentation de l'isolement...

Robot Evolution (tags)

Up-to-date inview of latest Robot development show cases from LEONARDO to World Robot Conference 2021 inclusive Youtube video links...

Satanic Robophobia (tags)

While humans slaughter each other caused by their greed, primal emotions and insane disorders there is a marvelous need for new scapegoats... let's see what could be diagnosed!

La société future, la société sans relation (tags)

Tout est à repenser...

They Try To Figure Out Humans (tags)

They want humans to be robots. If they are human, they drug them.

Paraphysique de la litote (tags)

Complexité de l'interaction...

La société future, la société sans relation (tags)

La relation sans futur...

Algorithmes de l'isolement généralisé (tags)

Le monde s'Irakise...

Video: Rise of the Robots, 1 hr (tags)

Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people! Access could replace excess as enough could replace more.

Video: Rise of the Robots, 1 hr (tags)

700 free movies and 700 free E-books are ours in! Enjoy the feast in the land of disconnect, of reversible cups!

Paraphysique de la litote (tags)

La paraphysique est du heavy metal...

Video: Humans Need Not Apply, 15 min (tags)

The future that is decentralized and regional seems marginalized in late stage capitalism of exploding inequality, selective perception, myths and fairy tales. Mechanization and digitalization are realities. Once 90% of the population worked on farms; now only 2% work on farms.

Digitalization Makes Us Happily Unemployed! (tags)

Political upheavals often precede technical revolutions.. The digital revolution hardly seems to have produced social or political revolutions.. Digitalization penetrates and changes the economy and life of people as the industrial Revolution once did.

When Robots Pay Taxes (tags)

The US government faces a revenue crisis after giving billions to banks and big corporations. Billions are saved through automation, labor-saving technology and workers working at home. The neoliberal model promotes profits and speculation, not investments and job creation.

Psychic Systems and Economic Growth (tags)

We psychic systems are robots that first become people by understanding how the systems function. The system is not optimal when potential is squandered. Mass unem-ployment is a mega-squandering. The system is the tyrant.

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