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Paraphysique de la misère (tags)

C'est toujours le rythme économique...

Paraphysique d'excitotoxicity processus stalking (tags)

Tout va, tout vient, tout nous déambule...

Paraphysique des enfants du paradis (tags)

Nous autres, les en-dehors...

Can an offer from the West bring peace to Ukraine? (tags)

Ukraine is being crushed The consequences of war are dead, injured, displaced, destroyed lives, social communities torn apart, broken infrastructures and homes, misery and years of revenge. Yet no one stops this terrible war. It is unbearable to watch.

Hibernation de la conscience (tags)

De plus en plus d'insécurité sociale...

Business de l'inhumanitaire (tags)

Afin de ne plus réfléchir, afin de tout accepter...

Contraception, avortement, stérilisation, adoption (tags)

Des êtres et des choses dans la séparation...

La Bourse ou l'économie prostituée (tags)

La tyrannie mondiale en exultation...

Hibernation de la conscience (tags)

L'hibernation de la conscience, la conscience de l'hibernation...

Business de l'inhumanitaire (tags)

De l'humanitaire de la technologie sécuritaire...

Transinhumanisme ( transe inhumanisme ) (tags)

Le fascisme libéral de la technologie...

Paraphysique de la misère (tags)

Fragmentation de la séparation...

Paraphysique des enfants du paradis (tags)

La vie du théâtre, le théâtre de la vie...

EU deal with Greece/Betrayal of OXI ideal (tags)

The die has been cast. The Geek prime minister Tsipras, who won the elections because of his promise to make an end to Trojka austerity measures, has capitulated, accepting the hardest EU deal with Greece ever. Shame on him and his party Syriza, which has lost every credibility. It's a horrible betrayal of OXI, plunging the Greek people in still worse misery. People of Greece, fight for Freedom!

Kiev Junta Ascendancy to Power Big Lies (tags)


Obama's Demagogic UN Address (tags)


No Joy to the World This Christmas (tags)


Paraphysique des enfants du paradis (tags)

Quand la vie se fait théâtre...

Blog Entry The enlightened man cannot be enslaved (tags)

The Rebel challenges us to be courageous enough to take responsibility for who we are and to live our truth.

My Personal Experience With the Israeli Occupation (tags)

The following is Khalid Amayreh's account of his life lived under Israel's "dehumanizing miltary occupation." Khalid's story is harrowing and, in his own words the occupation is "perpetual misery, torment, persecution, enslavement, and dehumanization." His frustration is that he can not fully communicate "the full extent of [its]enduring evil."

Social Misery Increase In Direct Proportion to the Size of the State. (tags)

War is the health of the State. War centralizes the State.

Growing World Poverty and Conflict Shows the Barbarity of Capitalism (tags)

Down with Capitalism

End Disney's Sweatshop Exploitation (tags)

This letter to the CEO of Disney demands an increase of wages in the factories that sew Winnie the Pooh garments.

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