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Thaw in US/Cuban Relations? (tags)


Fidel Castro: Who wants to be in the Garbage Dump? (tags)

Today, by mere chance, I remembered that the OAS still exists, when I read a cable posted on the Internet which contained an article by Georgina Saldierna, published in La Jornada, titled “Insulza rules out the possibility of re-admitting Cuba into the OAS”. No one even remembered the OAS. Note how retrograde this line of reasoning is.

Luis Posada Carriles, the White House terrorist (tags)

In an article published on April 10, 2007, president Fidel Castro declared, “Orders for Kathleen Cardone’s decision could only have come from the White House. President Bush constantly avoided the issue of the criminal and terrorist character of the accused. He was protected and charged with a simple immigration violation.”

El Neoanexionismo (tags)

Durante las celebraciones satánicas que tuvieron lugar en Miami a raíz de conocerse la Proclama del compañero Fidel, apareció,el siguiente proyecto: crear el Estado 51 de los Estados Unidos que se llamaría Havami

The Family that Preys Together (tags)

Something to tell your neighbours, before they start the TIPS program hahahahha

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