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The long prehistory of Russia's war of aggression (tags)

This analysis is intended to convey that this war was not unprovoked and that decades of U.S. and NATO actions prepared the ground for a military conflict - a war long desired by some megalomaniacs and war profiteers in Washington, London, Brussels and Kiev.

Re-nationalizing Soviet History and Who breaks the international rules? (tags)

The construction of differentiated historical narratives that overcome one-dimensional perpetrator-victim polarizations in discourse with other affected nations and integrate one's own complicity step by step is an extremely laborious, painful process. It will probably take decades.

Paraphysique anamn├Ęse de la ZAD (tags)

La ZAD contre le tout technologique...

Paraphysique anamn├Ęse de la ZAD (tags)

Le capital est sans aucune vie...

Putin's Message to Washington on Ukraine (tags)


Battling for Ukraine's Soul (tags)


Fascist Aggression in Ukraine (tags)


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