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Fbi fears this post (tags)

Fib cyber stalks and deletes this report.

Fbi joins with Facebook to remove this report (tags)

This post frightens fbi who promptly remove it from FACEBOOK.

A new name for Journalism (tags)

The failure of most journalists to report the truth has ruined their profession.

GERAL SOSBEE vs fbi, aka the 'Burro' (tags)

This report presents a tiny summary of my half century of reports on fbi thugs, punks and traitors.

Make A Heaven of Hell (tags)

Here is a personal note on a positive development in me.

My high honor of associating with Barbara Hartwell (tags)

No associate of mine in battle, in fbi, in academia compares  to wondrous Barbara Hartwell.


I present with my friend Barbara Hartwell a summary of evidence on the evil & corruption of the US government as shown in atrocities committed in its name by the fbi/cia.

USA War On Mankind, Report By Splendid BARBARA HARTWELL (tags)

See the BARBARA HARTWELL report which also incorporates many of my posts on topic.

CIA/FBI Film-faker and Famous Church of Satan Agents Exposed (tags)

CIA/FBI Film-faker and Famous Church of Satan Agents Exposed in Mind Control Black-Op to Neutralize "Dissidents"

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