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De l'épiendocrinologique social (tags)

Apprentissage et culture...

Hormonothérapie biopsychosocioculturelle (tags)

Les hormones de la culture...

De l'épiendocrinologique psychosocial (tags)

L'on ne naît pas quelque chose...

What's In Hot Dogs, Sausages, Cold Cuts? (tags)

As Heinz has exploited dachshunds in a Superbowl commercial designed to sell their catsup as well as Heinz animal flesh products, the reality is not a happy running dog. Hotdogs are some of the filthiest things people can put in their mouths

Toxins In Cow, Pig, Sheep, Bird, Fish Flesh, And Animal Products A Partial List (tags)

Meat is a cadaver food. No amount of irradiation, preservative, freezing, dehydrating, butting, scrubbing, boiling can prevent its toxic affects.

The Correlation Of Sexual Function To Diet (tags)

Optimum sexual functioning occurs with vegan or fruitarian diet

PBS Kids And Dept. of Education Push Meat, Dairy, Violent Speech, Fishing Etc. On Children (tags)

PBS Kids Shows Odd Squad, Curious George, Wild Kratts have unnecessary promotions of violence or toxic food.

Five Articles In One On Superior Health With Nonviolent Diet (tags)

The 5 articles are 1. Blood Sweat and Tears: Ingredients In Animal Flesh 2. Of Sex and Diet 3. Superior Brain Function of Vegetarian, Vegan and Fruitarian Diet 4. Fish Can't Scream And Their Flesh is Neurotoxic 5. Myriad Reasons To Be Vegetarian

Mock cow protests bogus growth hormones (tags)

An unidentified mock cow protesting against growth hormones outside Starbucks on 6/26 as part of the Biodevastation protests.

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