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The fake sincerity of pro-Palestinian commentators (tags)

Politicians, professors and journalists alike carry on mindlessly suggesting untenable immoral prescriptions that ostensibly help the Palestinians but which in fact brings about their demise.

Préjugés, lieux communs, jugements de valeur (tags)

Nous ne connaissons jamais l'objet de notre désir...

Habitat Fragmentation and Natural Gas Instability Applied to Ruby Pipeline Project (tags)

This report details the risks presented to the endemic species of the sagebrush ecosystems of northeastern Nevada by El Paso Energy Corporation?s Ruby Pipeline proposed to stretch from Opal, Wyoming to Malin, Oregon.

creating the new world (tags)

Very important, because in each heart, this Love is powerful. But this Love is also as powerful as it is disregarded. So, we are trying to make you know it better, feel it better.

A Mass Awakening in Process (tags)

WE Love you with the Highest Love, Honor and Respect. WE Love you Unconditionally. Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, ALL your Family of Light, ALL your Angels

A letter in the interest of the America we love (tags)

A letter in the interest of the America we love

We love you, Tipper Gore (tags)

Don't you know you're wrong--you only make us want to hear it--you make it much more fun--that's why we love you TIPPER GORE!

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