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Fbi nervous (tags)

This post explains summarily why the fbi are, in their words,"...we're worried about Geral".

My success measured by big response (tags)

The fbi assassins are nervous over my reports because...

Polish citizens attacked by electromagnetic weapons - Opoen letter to European Commission (tags)

The Polish defense minister promised to establish a commission to investigate electromagnetic attacks on Polish citizens, then the defense ministry declared those attacks national security information

Is Alcohol a Drug? (tags)

You see alcohol everywhere, its part of today’s society, it’s considered part of everyday life.

Moscow Gas Deaths - Why is the media trying so hard to mislead us? (tags)

We're being bombarded in every newspaper and TV report with "expert opinions" that the gas responsible for 116 hostage deaths in Moscow was an agent known as BZ. However, there are clear and obvious reasons why it could NOT have been BZ. A brief internet search would have elicited this information. Why are they conducting such a well-coordinated misinformation campaign?

Nervous Shopkeepers in Quebec (tags)

A shopkeeper, nervous about mass protests planned in Quebec City, follows the lead of many others in the old town and boards the windows of his store.

Nervous Delegates (tags)

Nervous delegates are heckled by protestors as they leave the Democratic Convention

aliitle Nervous (tags)

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