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Sanctions Are Like Bombs (tags)

Venezuela is one of 41 states that depend on external food assistance to avert a humanitarian crisis. The US government is copying its blockade policy against Cuba. There is hardly any criticism of US sanctions. Six million, 60% of the population, are sustained by the food program.

Call on Bernie Sanders to Withdraw His Call to Overthrow the Government of Venezuela (tags)

Last week a campaign was launched by KPFK host Eric Mann to tell Bernie we disapprove of his stance on Venezuela.

Facade of Diplomacy Masks Same Old US Latin American Policy (tags)


NYT Editors Supp;ort Fascist Extremism (tags)


Caracas Mayor Part of US Coup Plot (tags)


G-77 Countries+China Rebuke America (tags)


Obama v. Venezuela's Maduro (tags)


WJ Columnist Mary O'Grady: US Imperial Tool (tags)


Venezuela Poised to Win Security Council Seat (tags)


MSM War on Venezuela (tags)


Western Leaders Support Israeli Genocide (tags)


Washington's Dirty War on Venezuela (tags)


New York Times: Supporting US Imperial Lawlessness (tags)


Wall Street Journal Reinvented History (tags)


Destabilizing Venezuela Continues (tags)


Obama's Multiple Regime Change Fronts (tags)


Bolivarianism Triumphs (tags)


Waging Economic War on Venezuela (tags)


Snowden and Latin America Expose Washington (tags)

One of America’s genuine heroes, Major General Smedley D Butler revealed in his memoirs the true, abhorrent nature of Washington’s foreign policy. Butler had led countless military operations in Central America and the Caribbean as a US Marines Corp commander in the era of «gunboat diplomacy» during the early 1900s. Years after his retirement, he spoke out candidly and ruefully of his highly decorated military service in a book entitled War is a Racket. Here is how Butler characterized with unsparing words his service for country in 1935, five years before his death:

Venezuela Grants Snowden Asylum (tags)


Europe Cravenly Colluding with U.S. in Criminality (tags)

It is hard to know which is the more outrageous: the US government’s forced landing this week of the Bolivian President Evo Morales’ official jet in Europe; or the European authorities’ compliance with the Americans in their act of international piracy.

Hands Off Snowden Campaign (tags)

Hands Off Snowden Campaign

Challenging US Lawlessness (tags)

police state

Venezuela's Maduro Inaugurated (tags)


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