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STO Service du Travail Obligatoire (tags)

Le capital nous travaille...

March 2016 Honduras coup update - Berta's life (tags)

News of political murders, persecution and plunder in Honduras this March 2016, with a focus on the life of Berta Caceres

NATO Preparing for War with Russia? (tags)


Kiev's Dr. Strangelove (tags)


Obama Threatens War on Humanity (tags)


Hard Truths on Ukraine MSM Suppress (tags)


Russia and America: Geopolitical Opposites (tags)


Washington Risks Global War (tags)


Putin's Diplomatic Gambit (tags)


Fascism's Dark Side (tags)


Kiev Plans False Flag Against Russia (tags)


Fascist Aggression in Ukraine (tags)


Putin v. Kerry (tags)


The Real Evil Empire (tags)


Police State Ukraine (tags)


Militarism in Germany (tags)


Orange Revolution 2.0? (tags)


Bilderberg Conference Convenes (tags)


America Honors Its Worst (tags)

police state

Israel's Fascist Government: Part II (tags)


Bolivaranism in Venezuela (tags)


East Jerusalem Schools: Failing Grade (tags)


JPMorgan Chase on Capitol Hil (tags)

grand theft

Washington and Israel Threaten Humanity (tags)


Planned Peacekeeper Occupation of Libya (tags)


Encircling Russia with US Bases (tags)


The First Post-Zionist War (tags)

The great lapse, then, is a function of the fact that Israel is caught between two worlds. Still guided by the Zionist model, it refuses to resolve the conflicts with its neighbors. But guided by post-Zionism, it refuses to maintain the welfare state, which aimed for the kind of Jewish solidarity that was needed to wage those conflicts.

Taking Impeachment on the Road (tags)

Impeachment can play a vital role in building resistance to dictatorship, both in the electoral politics and on the street. It’s not an either/or proposition.

Ex Undersecretary Commerce Robert Shapiro aids J. D. Davidson ,Attorney John O'Quinn fraud (tags)

Clinton Undersecretary of Commerce Robert Shapiro aids James Dale Davidson's , Attorney John O'Quinn's stock fraud :It must be remembered he(James Dale Davidson) claims to have been a supporter during Clinton's first election even though the writing below indicates he had very close ties to Papa Doc or 'Poppy' Bush in the 1980's.

Now is the Time? Now is the Time! The Potential of the Gulf Coast Crisis (tags)

Now is the Time? Now is the Time! The Potential of the Gulf Coast Crisis: Points for Discussion and Intervention

Prepare your Draft/CO Files NOW! (tags)

America is at war and I think they are going to need the Draft soon. Men who cannot buy alcohol are required by law to register for the Draft. You may have 9 days once called up for the Draft to prove you are a Conscientious Objector. Prepare your file NOW!

Michael Parenti Article: To Kill Iraq: The Reasons Why (tags)

Arguments against a war on Iraq by noted political analyst and author Michael Parenti.

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