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Stop Trump's tax plan (tags)

Trillions in deficits will be paid for by trillions in cuts to vital programs necessary for low- and middle-income Americans: Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, WIC food assistance, SNAP, Pell grants, The Legal Corporation, PBS, EPA, heating assistance, school lunches, Meals-on-Wheels...

Please Vote Out Warmongers And Animal Abusers (tags)

Please vote out of national, state and local offices, from the courts, every animal abuser. and warmonger, from Barbara Boxer to John Kasich

Viacom CBS' Sumner Redstone Promotes Brutal Treatment Of Pot Smokers (tags)

Antipot enforcement is a racist, familybusting, economically stupid tactic of a fearmongering police state

Paul Ryan's budget plan would destroy the middle class (tags)

Exploding inequality of incomes and assets, trillions for wars of adventure, trillions to fraudulent banks and speculators, corporate tax evasion, mass unemployment, environmental destruction, structural and tax justice are ignored. The rich are enriched and the poor impoverished.

Demand a "Bailout" on your Credit Card Debt & Interest!!! (tags)

If these very same "Bailed_Out Banks" are freely being extended hundreds of $Billions and even $Trillions of dollars of "Free Money" (courtesy of the unwitting US taxpayers!) to offset their "self created" financial calamity,then why shouldn't American consumers also be "Bailed Out" of their vastly inflated and exploitive cedit card debt plus interest payments!!!

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