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DIARY OF A CON MAN . 55 (tags)

anne frank is not the author of the diary fraudulently passed off as hers

Bioeconomical resilience (tags)

Bioeconomical resilience


Over 250 Large Beautiful Giclee Prints are now on sale at


Reviewing Carlos Bulosan's life and work in commemoration of his birth anniversary November 1911.

ISIS is not Islam! (tags)

ISIS is threatening the entire Middle East. This action originated in Lebanon- its a small gesture you can take to let the Kurds, the Yizidis the Christians and the other besieged minorities of the Middle East know that they are not alone.

WRITE! for Justice, Human Rights, and International Law in Palestine (tags)

Letters needed

The Drone King! (tags)

Print & Post Everywhere.

F29 Double-sided flyer (English and Spanish) in PDF form (tags)

PDFs to download, print, and distribute

The New York Times: What Passes for Journalism in the Newspaper of Record (tags)

corporate journalism

New Freedom (tags)

"A new system of independence and self-economization replaces the old. The system of the click-economy breaks into the journalistic world." The world has changed politically and technologically. The print media is only a caricature of journalism.

El Paso Journal Newspaper (tags)

El Paso readers and the one million or so Juarez residents just across the Rio Grande River which marked the border between the Twin cities, the two countries and three states Texas, New Mexico and Chihuahua Mexico. Which makes it the largest international city in the US.

oaxaca comic book (tags)

graphic interpretation of the events in oaxaca from an antiauthoritarian perspective. Print it out and share it with your friends or use it for your solidarity group!

Free Movie Screening: Peace Press (tags)

A feature-length documentary about Los Angeles' Peace Press produced by students in L. A. Valley College¹s Media Arts Dept.'s Directed Studies workshop in conjunction with several Peace Press "alumni" and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. [ Image: "Evict Nixon" Poster created by artist Mark Vallen in 1971 and published by Peace Press.]

LA IMC Business Cards (tags)

Print business cards. Distribute.

Posters of Peace Press (tags)

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics, SPARC, and The Venice Arts Council Present A Venice People’s Centennial Celebration POSTERS OF PEACE PRESS September 10 - October 9th, 2005 SPARC - 685 Venice Boulevard, Venice CA 90291 Opening Reception September 10 2005 5-8pm Gallery hours M-Th 10am-4pm Fri 10am-9pm Sat-Sun 1pm-5pm


Amid ever more aggressive criticism of our ‘democratic’ mass media the question we should ask is whether our media’s much vaunted impartiality has become blatantly partial over the last years or whether the mass media has always been the serf of particular interests, interests camouflaged as the struggle to preserve the freedom of ‘our’ democratic world.

Iraq War Factsheet available for upcoming protests (tags)

An 'Iraq War Factsheet', put out by the Signalfire Media Project, is available for folks to print out and distribute at upcoming anti-war actions.

Demand Provisional Votes be Counted (tags)

there are 2 million provisional votes

FOR MORE YEARS!? (protest posters) (tags)

FOR MORE YEARS!? A new series of protest posters just in time for the election.

Free Books on Anarchism & People of Color Out (tags)

new books online for distro

IMCs Need Better Marketin (tags)

Ideas on how to improve readership and interest in publishing on Independent Media Center. Why the right to right as a citizen is important. Opportunities to write more opinion than the scrawny Letters to the Editors that are hacked up to a few sentences is a way to go. Can’t main stream media practice democracy?

Wage Meme Warfare On Bush! (tags)

You can wage guerilla memetic warfare against the Bush Regime by printing up "Bush Lied!" stickers and sticking them everywhere you go.

Memorial Day Artwork (tags)

Polish Artist Bohdan Nowak created this Lithograph in 1930. Titled "The Unknown Soldier" the Print was part of the Artist's antiwar series, Vox Mortuum (Voice of the Dead).

Letter to Bush: Print, Fold and Mail (tags)

This is the first in a series of print, fold, and mail anti-war actions to the Bush Administration. They aren't heavy on the philosophy, they are just a simple attempt to show a the ideals common to all.

Anti-Propaganda Stickers Released (tags)

Fight Marketing with Marketing with Anti-Bush Anti-Propaganda Stickers

Antiwar Art download & print (tags)

Download and print out on your home printer. 150 dpi graphic. 6 x 5 inches, great for flyers or stickers. Takes about 2 minutes to download on a 56k modem

Print this 'zine with first aid/chem weapons info (from Black Cross Health Collective) (tags)

Many activists don't have internet access (or read LA Indymedia). Passing this information about tear gas, pepper spray, and demo first aid out to the LA activist community will help make us all stronger and better able to demonstrate for peace and against this insane war.

Print this 'zine (from Black Cross Health Collective) with first aid/chem weapons info (tags)

Many activists don't have internet access (or read LA Indymedia). Passing this information about tear gas, pepper spray, and demo first aid out to the LA activist community will help make us all stronger and better able to demonstrate for peace and against this insane war.

Basques Feel the Sting of Spanish Democracy (tags)

This is a story about the repression experienced by the Basques, particularly by the spanish government. The only newspaper published in Basque, in the Basque Country, has been shut down by the Spanish government. They have been accused of terrorism. The Spanish government accuses any Basque entity which encourages the use of Basque language, or who speak out for Basque political rights, as being terrorist. It is not unusual---it happens everyday. This latest closing of the newspaper Egunkaria has just gone too far, though.


Mothers of the World, don't let our Children Kill other Mothers' Children

green anarchy tour 200 (tags)

get involved with the tour post print and send attachments to list serves or anyone interested

An anarchist celebration of May Day (tags)

Print out and distribute your own May Day posters and leaflet/pamphlets from

Democracy Flyer for J20 - Large (tags)

Flyer for January 20 Pro-Democracy rallies. JPEG format, 300 dpi, 741kb. Save and print on letter size paper (8 1/2 x 11).

"Bush Cheney" -> "Hush Chicanery", sign spoof (tags)

"Hush Chicanery", instead of "Bush Cheney" signs. Republican spoof off the "Sore Loserman" signs.

sister (tags)

Each of theses drawings were created yesterday aug 15th at the shadow convention (various subjects) You are welcome to print them, with my name and e-mail/number. Thank You

Wearing the words across your chest (tags)

Police fear the puppets and the costumes enough to pre-emptively arrest those who create them. But what if we all wore a message?

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