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Elisabeth Bronfen: "What amazes me most is the stubborn ability to repress" (tags)

We've greatly reduced the required reading... Five short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, plus the one compulsory piece of Shakespeare from the basic course and vampire and fantasy stories. If very little is read, diversity goes out the window, too.

Variable d'ajustement d'administration (tags)

Toute une symphonie qui nous crie l'abysse...

Un plus un ne fait pas deux (tags)

Le couple c'est une paire de menottes...

Auto-stop (tags)

Mais la gratuité sans cause...

Rotule doublement cassée, ouverte, joyeux anniversaire (tags)

C'était le jour de mon anniversaire...

Rotule doublement cassée, ouverte, joyeux anniversaire (tags)

Je ne pourrais plus aller manifester avant un certain temps...

Paraphysique de l'isonomie et du dressage (tags)

Dressage de l'éducation, l'éducation du dressage...

Règlements de comptes à O.K. Corral (tags)

Le capital en a déjà fait une nouvelle danse...

Geekout's Links 9.7.2013 (tags)

This time around, it's some Syrian history, Chelsea Manning, race in Jamaica, and thoughts about the future of labor.

How to Legally Quit the US Military! (tags)

...all you have to do is to say that you "Do not believe that Barrack Obama is the legal president of the USA and he is also not the Commander in Chief of the US Military... ..................................................................................

Radical Educator Bill Ayers speaks at Claremont Colleges (tags)

Monday, April 6, 2009 CLAREMONT, California - Bill Ayers, professor of education and co-founder of the radical antiwar organization the Weather Underground--labeled "domestic terrorists" by the FBI--spoke to a crowd of about 300 this evening about activism, Obama, and education. A recurring theme of his talk was the importance of movements (in contrast with the common emphasis on leadership) in bringing about social change, and his exhortation was that we in the audience participate in those movements.

Meltdown and Bailout: Why Our Economic System Is on the Verge of Collapse (tags)

Today's highly speculative economy pushes capital into developing countries and into bubble after speculative bubble in search of a better profit margin.

Like the glory days in Vietnam and Somalia (tags)

Starve out and die with thirst the cities The children die at first

How Bad do you have to suck to lose a popularity contest with Hussein? (tags)

OF the 535 members of Congress, only one has a son or daughter in the armed forces! If you really want to stand up for America, send your daughters to Kuwait and let them don chemical warfare suits. And let's see every member of Congress with a child of military age also sacrifice their kids.

Response to DJK and the call for active defense (tags)

For those who think that non-violence is not working and are claiming that they want to step-up to the baiting of violent agencies and bodies, the question is are you going to be the one to take charge of a situation and be on the front line, the buffer to take the hits?

yes, non violent (tags)

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