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South Side Alderman Decides Not To Pursue Eminent Domain (tags)

City planned to take Latino family land to sell to neighboring business for their 5.7 million expansion

Milwaukee Zoning Committee Approves Use Of Eminent Domain To Take Land (tags)

Aldermen passed land acquisition after proposed Latino restaurant and nightclub denied liquor license

Milwaukee Common Council Approves Near South Side Area Plan (tags)

Development plan considered discriminatory towards new immigrants, low-income residents, and Latino businesses along the Historic Mitchell, W. National and W. Lincoln Ave. corridors

Concilio Común de Milwaukee Aprueba Plan Para el Cercano Lado Sur (tags)

Plan de desarrollo considerado discriminatorio hacia inmigrantes nuevos, residentes de bajos ingresos, y negocios Latinos a lo largo de los corredores de la Historica Mitchell, Oeste de la National y Oeste de la Lincoln

Comité de División de Zonas de la Ciudad Adopta Resolución Unánimemente (tags)

Pagadores de impuestos de habla Hispana dejados fuera del proceso de planeo

Milwaukee Zoning Committee Unanimously Adopted Resolution (tags)

Spanish speaking taxpayers left out of the planning process

Controversial Near South Side Plan Heads To Zoning Committee (tags)

Historic Mitchell, National and Lincoln business districts seen as mix commercial, but the plan failed to acknowledge the present Latino businesses or to enhance their growth along these corridors

Complaints of Unsanitary Conditions at U.S. Owned Pig Farm in Mexico (tags)

Mexican villagers and employees had complained about pollution, and unsanitary conditions to managers at a pig farm co-owned by U.S. company

Immigrants Marched For Reform, Despite H1N1 Flu Treat (tags)

30,000 Immigrants Marched in Milw., Wisconsin For Immigration Reform, Despite Flu Treat

Health Officials Not Recommending Cancelation Of Large Events (tags)

Five probable Swine Flu cases detected in Wisconsin

United in the struggle to reunite son with birth mother (tags)

Judge David C. Dally failed to order USICE to bring Encarnación to his court during the adoption proceedings. Judge Dally made Carlos seemed like he was on the auction block.

Comisión de Planeo de la Ciudad Aprueba Plan Comprensivo Para el Lado Sur (tags)

El desarrollo propuesto del Valle Menomonee no proveerá los empleos suficientes necesitados para el distrito, de acuerdo a Carolyn Seboe, Consultante de HNTB

City Plan Commission Approves South Side Comprehensive Plan (tags)

Menomonee Valley proposed development would not provide enough jobs needed for the district, according to Carolyn Seboe, HNTB Consulting

Three Men Turned Over to Immigration Officials After Fatal Crash (tags)

Facing deportation without hearing, according to USICE

Ultimo Hijo sobreviviente de Francisco "Pancho" Villa (tags)

Hijo de Villa visitó el Museo Nacional de Chicago de Arte Mexicano

Southside Development Plan In Use Against Minority Business (tags)

District Bids were left out of advisory plan

Letter to the editor, Korean Central News Agency (tags)

Immediate release of both American journalists Euna Lee, and Laura Ling

U.S. Representatives Seek Community Support (tags)

An estimated 5 million children who are U.S. citizens has had a parent detained, waiting deportation or deported by U.S. ICE

Latinos exigen licencias al Comité del Estado (tags)

Mas de 198 Latinos quieren que El Comité Financiero de la Legislatura del Estado incluya Certificados de Licencia en su Presupuesto del Estado

Latinos Make Plea To State Committee (tags)

More than 198 Latinos want the State Legislative Finance Committee to include license certificates in state budget

Pareja Alega Fraude Musical (tags)

Crítican a los promotores de bailes Viva Entertainment Network Después de Que la Banda Toca Solo 3 Canciones en el Eagles Club

Music Scam Alleged By Couples (tags)

Viva Entertainment Network dance promoters criticized after band played only three songs at Eagle’s Club

U.S. ICE and Homeland Security Officials Lacking Accountability (tags)

Time to recall Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona

Real ID Implementation Delayed Until 2010 By DHS (tags)

Local Coalition for Safe Roads wants state to issue driving certificates to undocumented immigrants

Pancho Villa’s Last Surviving Son (tags)

The last surviving son of Pancho Villa meets the grandson of Eustorgio Ramón, captain of los Pronunciados de Don Catarino Garza

Miles Marchan en Milwaukee (tags)

Los protestantes quieren un acta de reforma de inmigración que sea justa dentro de los primeros 100 días del termino del próximo presidente

Thousands Marched Through Downtown Milwaukee (tags)

Protesters want a fair and just immigration reform bill passed within the first 100 days of the next President’s term

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