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Laro Nicol a political prisoner (tags)

Laro Nicol got two years in prison for a victimless crime that harmed no one, while Michelle Chavez got a mere 5 months in prison for stealing over $100,000. Both were first time offenders.

Laro Nicol's oldest son dies in motorcycle accident (tags)

Please send love and support to Laro and his family. On Friday night, Laro James Nicol was killed while riding his motorcycle. Laro James Nicol is the old son of Laro Nicol, a long-time Phoenix-area activist, who is serving a 2-year prison term.

Pic's from the Phoenix benefit for Larol Nicol and SHerman Austin (tags)

Check out these pic's from the Phoenix benefit for Laro Nicol and Sherman Austin: political activists railroaded by the system. Thanks to the AZ. activists for doing such a great job spreading the word.

Awake at the Wheel (tags)

Phoenix social justice activist and active member of Copwatch being railroaded by BATF.

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