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Irresponsible Western Media Russia Bashing (tags)


Irresponsible Putin Rumors (tags)


Piling on Irresponsibly Against Syria (tags)


L.A. council to debate whether to outlaw medical pot stores (tags)

Yes, these folks are evil government tyrants, but I don't think any of them are so bad that they couldn't be fixed with a gun. Of course the tyrants in the People's Republic of California have more or less flushed the 2nd Amendment down the toilet and banned guns in California.

ARMAGEDDON: Bush Administration's Plan Reaches Next Plateau (tags)

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: All a part of the irresponsible Bushian design

Parenting Versus Protesting? (tags)

Is it irresponsible to take kids to political protests? Are some protests safe and others not? How do you tell the difference? I interviewed 12 activists, 10 of whom are parents, 7 of whom are street medics on this topic.

Endorse passwords for users! (tags)

From the comments page: "This feature has been disabled temporarily pending discussion about how to deal with the flamewars happening on the website. Current discussion within the collective is pointing toward adding users and passwords to create greater accountability for each of the participants. "

Beauty Pagents Can Be Murder (tags)

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

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