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orange county candlelight vigil

Orange County Candlelight Vigil for 4,000 Fallen (tags)

VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK, ORANGE, CA USA: Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families, Iraq Veterans Against the War, & supporters gathered together on March 24, 2008, for a candlelight vigil to both remember and honor the fallen and raise public awareness of the needless loss of lives in the United States' unConstitutional occupation of Iraq.------------------------------ EXCELLENT ARTICLE AND VIDEO OF THE CANDLELIGHT VIGIL FROM THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER:

Photo: Orange County Candlelight Vigil for Lori Berenson (tags)

Thursday, November 30 was the five year anniversary of Lori Berenson's imprisonment in Peru. In Costa Mesa, people held a candlelight vigil, educating passersby about her case and what they could do to help. For more information on how you can help Lori Berenson, go to

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