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In Ukraine, it's coming down to an endless war of position (tags)

Russia sees itself as existentially threatened - regardless of whether NATO and the West ever had and have in mind to attack Russia. What is relevant is what the Russian leadership and the majority of Russians are convinced of.

End of the superpower and Catastrophic escalation (tags)

The coming offensive in the Donbass, which Russia's army is currently preparing despite all setbacks, also represents an escalation step in which both sides are raising the stakes... The West is supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Scientists read dreams and thoughts (tags)

"The remarkable breakthrough makes use of a fairly straightforward idea: that when we visualize certain types of objects in our minds, our brains generate consistent neural patterns that can then be correlated with what is being visualized."

Unconstitutional and Unethical (tags)

The Right to Be Let Alone: What to Do When COVID Strike Force Teams Come Knocking. & Mass Protests in Greece in Response to Unvaccinated Being Banned From Social Life. Many similar protest around the world, not covered by mainstream media.

What moves the "Generation Greta"? (tags)

The global economy is in free fall. Social life and public debate are largely paralyzed, the usual protest and organizing formats of the social movements are completely blocked. Decisive decisions are made in the mode of emergency decrees and huge rescue packages. The politically unthinkable becomes possible,

Troika Bandits Want More from Greece (tags)


Unprecedented Human Suffering in Yemen (tags)


Pope Francis in Ecuador (tags)


Dirty Fast Track Politics (tags)


Washington Wages War on International Soccer (tags)


No Deal on Iran's Nuclear Program - So Far (tags)


Iran's NNC News Interviews Lendman (tags)


Washington's War on Syria (tags)


NY-NJ bridge policeman earns $221,000 (tags)

Wow they sure pay piggies well!

Internet Freedom Threatened (tags)


Dissing Europe's Flawed Bailout Scheme (tags)

class war

Alarming New Fukushima Reports (tags)

nuclear disaster

Egypt's Military Declares Martial Law (tags)

liberating struggles

Arab Street Celebrates Mubarak's Ouster (tags)

liberating struggles

People Power v. Duplicity in Egypt and Washington (tags)

people power

We're All Egyptians Now! (tags)


Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) October 17, 2010 First One Hundred Days of Failure and Broke (tags)

The Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) calls the 100 days of Benigno S Aquino III, the first one hundred days of failure and broken promises. This is a prelude to the tragic six-years we have to suffer under this new dispensation. Just look at what transpired during his first 100 days:

A Week of Dissent Around 9-11 (tags)

They use our fear to keep us silent. It's time to speak up and listen to each other!

List of casualties from Al-Aqsa Intifada (tags)

Total killed so far: 158, 145 in the Occupied Territories and 13 in Israel Total wounded so far: 4852

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