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How to Solve the US Housing Problem and Avoid a Recession: A Revived HOLC and RTC (tags)

In 1933, Congress passed the Glass-Steagall Act, which banned banks from underwriting securities. Financial institutions had to choose either to be a simple bank lender or an underwriter (investment banker or brokerage firm).

How To Lose Pacifica, and How To Save It (tags)

As a member of KPFK's Local Station Board, I've been asked repeatedly to explain what's happening at the community radio station. This is my letter to the Pacifica National Board, KPFK's parent organization. I paint the PNB members with a broad brush here, and some individual members were as forthcoming as they could be under the hammer of "breaching confidentiality.". What we never got were official explanations. The Pacifica National Board can be reached at

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