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Phoenix Police to encrypt radio transmissions making them secret (tags)

Phoenix Police to encrypt radio transmissions and make them secret.

América Latina Enamorada - El Nuevo Single de Gunnar Njalsson Directa al Top (tags)

Seis años dispues del lanzamiento de "En sista vers" (Un verso final), su primer disco, en el contexto de Eurovisión 2004, Gunnar K. A. Njalsson ha estrenado a nivel mundial un nuevo single.

gathering anticivilization 2007 (tags)

After the success of the last gathering in Tavertet, we are calling for a new one this year. It will take place the 8, 9, 10 and 11 of September.

Communications with Hurricane-battered Cuba Now Restored (tags)

"Dennis The Menace", the worst hurricane to hit the island of Cuba since the 1940s, has departed leaving ten dead and lots of reconstruction work which has now begun. Find links to more reports and how to access the Cuban media to keep up with developments in Cuba

Communications with Cuba restored after Hurricane Dennis (tags)

Dennis the Mennace, the worst hurricane to hit Cuba in over fifty years, has now passed the island. Communcations with the island are now restored and reports are coming in of the damages and the recovery efforts.

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