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Come out with your hands up, Grover Trask! (tags)

Call for the arrest of several public officials, including the District Attorney of Riverside and two Superior Court judges for covering up/collusion in attempted murder.

Riverside DA and Judge clash over controversial prosecutor's promotion (tags)

When prosecutor Michael Rushton came under fire last summer for kicking off nine Black jurors in a capital murder case, his boss, Grover Trask was silent. Now, with his promotion of Rushton to supervise the drug enforcement division, his silence is broken.

The day justice came to Riverside (tags)

Despite being surrounded by prosecutors, the political trial of Bernell Butler ended with victory for him, and an indictment against the overzealous prosecution of activists by District Attorney Grover Trask.

Frank Esposito sentenced to jail (tags)

After spending three days traveling from Texas on a Greyhound bus, Frank Esposito was sentenced to 90 days in jail, for his role in the 91 freeway demonstration.

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