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Météorologie de la souffrance (tags)

La souffrance du monde...

Conscience de l'isolement (tags)

La conscience de l'isolement...

Du pain et des jeux (tags)

Toujours dominer, toujours gagner...

Paraphysique de sismographie politicarde (tags)

La normalité de l'inhumanité...

Les cadres de la contre-révolution, banalités de base (tags)

C'est pour quand, la vie ?...

Paraphysique de l'Etat d'urgence (tags)

Comme un camp d'exploitation...

Du pain et des jeux (tags)

Du football, et la caravane passe...

Paraphysique du fait divers (tags)

La romance du capital...

Trucage du dopage (tags)

Dopage du trucage...

Le cyborg ou paraphysique du sport (tags)

Le sport du capital, le capital du sport...

Paraphysique de sismographie politicarde (tags)

Les électrochocs du capital...

Les cadres de la contre-révolution, banalités de base (tags)

Contre-révolution de la révolution...

Paraphysique de biosémiotique (tags)

La normalité de l'aliénation, l'aliénation de la normalité...

Paris-Colmar, la symphonie des pas (tags)

Poésie paraphysique...

Celebrities Rally to Save Wildlife from the Hunt (tags)

Politicians in England & Wales urged to vote against attempt to bring back “despicable blood sport”

Blood Sport Of Football Correlated To War, Domestic Violence, Player Deaths, Paralysis (tags)

Football: a blood sport in which the players are collateral damage for the owners, the advertisers, the networks, the alcohol industry, the ticket buyers and the tv audience.

Paraphysique du fait divers (tags)

Vols, crimes, délits, comme la propriété, nourrissent le capital...

Conscience de l'isolement (tags)

Conscience de l'isolement, l'isolement de la conscience...

Le cyborg ou paraphysique du sport (tags)

La technologie du sport est le sport de la technologie...

Why Australia Should have boycotted the olympics (tags)

Olympism Profiteering, Exploitation and Corruption (tags)


Substituts affectifs (tags)

Backing sought for bid to ban cruel blood sport (tags)

Campaigners against the cruel "sport" of live hare coursing in Ireland seek international help to have it banned.

World Cup is attacked by the extreme right of the United States (tags)

Fox News makes the Brazilians to laugh.

President wins 2 billion new supporters (tags)

Unfortunately a picture has been published worldwide of President Bush playing cricket. This has instantly won him the support of over half the world's population. Please hide this picture if you find it..

Adbuster vs. Nike (tags)

Adbusters takes on Nike at its own game

Is it unpatriotic to drive an SUV? (tags)

Is driving a sport utility vehicle unpatriotic?

Governors Get Free SUVs, Gas Money (tags)

Governors attending the National Governors Association meeting in Rhode Island this weekend will drive gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles provided free of charge by General Motors Corp.

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