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No to US Militarism in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific! (tags)

“To achieve enduring peace in the region, Asia must be de-militarized; its maritime waters assigned mainly for commerce; and its disputed territories declared as regional commons and war-free zones.”

Filipino Women March against US Military Expansion in the Philippines and the Pacific (tags)

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2012, we, Filipino women declare in strongest terms possible, our opposition not only to increased presence but to U.S. military presence per se on Philippine soil.

Philippines Anti-Bases Movement: Time to Assert National Sovereignty Once Again (tags)

With pride as a people, we commemorate a historic national event this coming September 16, the rejection of the US military bases twenty years ago

Makibaka Tungo sa Ganap na Kalayaan at Panlipunang katubusan ng Kababaihan (tags)

Buong giting na nagpupugay ang Alyansa-Pilipinas (AJLPP) sa lahat ng kababaihang patuloy na nakikibaka para sa pambansang kalayaan, soberenya, karapatan ng kababaihan sa lahat ng dako ng daigdig. Mabuhay kayo! Ginugunita natin at nagpupugay tayo sa magigiting na kababaihang nakibaka para sa kanilang karapatan at ng kanilang uri at mga kababayan. Hindi nila kinaligtaan na ituwid ang mali, makibaka laban sa inhustisya at palayain ang sarili mula sa pyudalismo, pagpapanubalik ng pyudalismo at patriarkalismo na dulot ng sistemang mapang-api.

Philippine women’s groups urge lawmakers to pass Reproductive Health Bill (tags)

MANILA, Philippines – A day before several lawmakers deliver their respective sponsorship speeches on the controversial bill promoting the use of both artificial and natural means of family planning, among others, a network of more than 50 non-government and people's organizations advocating women's and people's rights today urged other members of the House of Representatives to affirm women’s right to reproductive self-determination, and to support the immediate passage of the Reproductive Health Bill.

International Women's Day in the Philippines (tags)

Women of different political groups and professions were present at the March. Thirteen major groups joined forces under the banner “Martsa ng Kababaihan”. Present in big numbers were members of Akbayan, LABAN ng MASA, Bayan, Black and White Movement, women advocate groups like Gabriela Women’s Party, Welga ng Kababaihan, and WomenSpeak. In an interesting twist of history, this was the first time that the women’s movements gathered together in a common cause since the Marcos dictatorship.

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