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Film Night at Flor y Canto: March 2003-September 2005 (Part 1 of 2) (tags)

To mark the five-year anniversary of the Eagle Rock Peace Vigil, here is a list of films shown at Flor y Canto over a two-and-a-half year period. These almost-weekly screenings were an outgrowth of the Eagle Rock Vigil. (A link to the rest of this list can be found below in "comments.")

An Anarchist Commentary about Cuba (tags)

James Petras’ Photographs of Cuba Before and After Developing: An anarchist commentary on his declarations about Cuba The Cuban Libertarian Movement (MLC – Movimiento Libertario Cubano) makes some pertinent observations about certain declarations by somebody who was until recently an unconditional defender of the Cuban revolution.

Las fotos de James Petras, antes y despues del revelado (tags)

* En referencia a lo que ahora expresa alguien que hasta hace poco se presentaba como defensor incondicional del régimen cubano, el Movimiento Libertario Cubano (MLC) manifiesta algunas consideraciones pertinentes.

Otra Cuba es posible: Respuesta a Diego Farpón (tags)

* El Movimiento Libertario Cubano responde al intento de justificar al régimen castrista en base a una fraudulenta interpretación de autores y propuestas anarquistas.

Exploring the “chasm”: A libertarian reply to Celia Hart (tags)

* Responding to the invitation extended a few days ago from Havana by Celia Hart Santamaria – member of the Cuban Communist Party and daughter of prominent figures of the regime – calling for discussions on leftist alternatives for Cuba’s future, and where she explicitly asks for an anarchist opinion, the Cuban Libertarian Movement makes public its proposals for the debate.

Explorando el "barranco": una respuesta libertaria a Celia Hart (tags)

* Ante la invitación hecha hace algunos días desde La Habana por Celia Hart Santamaría – militante del Partido Comunista Cubano e hija de prominentes figuras del régimen – llamando a discutir alternativas de izquierda sobre el futuro de Cuba y donde específicamente se requería lo que el anarquismo pudiese opinar al respecto, el Movimiento Libertario Cubano da a conocer sus propuestas para el debate.


Prisioners charged with silly illusions - Expertise in international terrorism!

Unpublished photos and the truth on the murder of Carlo Giuliani (tags)

Genoa: Unpublished photos and the truth on the murder of Carlo Giuliani

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