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US Dark Forces Stoke Violence and Instability in Latin America (tags)


Facade of Diplomacy Masks Same Old US Latin American Policy (tags)


Washington Threatens Ecuadorian Democracy (tags)


Pope Francis in Ecuador (tags)


US-Orchestrated Coup Attempt in Ecuador (tags)


Obama Wants Regime Change in Ecuador (tags)


Ecuadorean Dark Forces Behind Attempted Coup Plot (tags)


US-Attempted Color Revolution in Ecuador? (tags)


"Markets are a Terrible Master" (tags)

Ecuador, Venezuela: Danger South of the Borde (tags)

"The reason there is a bizarre attempt to pretend that this coup attempt never happened, is to hope that people won’t ask who might have benefited from such an action. A quick examination of the actions of President Correa sheds considerable light on that. In 2006, working with President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, Correa moved to increase state control over oil production in the country.[9] In 2008, he announced that Ecuador would not pay several billions of its more than $10 billion foreign debt, calling it “illegitimate.”[10] In 2009, he refused to renew the lease of the U.S. military airbase in Manta, saying that “the only way the US could keep their military base in Ecuador, is if Ecuador were allowed to have one of its own in Florida.”[11] In 2009, he officially brought Ecuador into ALBA – the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas led by Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia. When a country increases state control, challenges illegitimate foreign debt, pushes the U.S. military out of the country and joins a regional alliance with Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba – it is clear that the forces that would benefit from a coup would be: a) corporate interests inside Ecuador; b) International Financial Institutions; and c) the United States and its allies. There is another reason why the right-wing, corporate elite and the imperialist countries might have an incentive to minimize what happened September 30. There is now a shamefully long list of recent coup attempts in Latin America and the Caribbean – four of them against members of ALBA."

More on Washington's Failed Ecuadorean Coup Attempt (tags)

Correa knows Washington wants him ousted.

Ecuador se repone del intento de golpe (tags)

"La declaración final de la reunión de emergencia convocada para ayer en Buenos Aires, repudió "enérgicamente el intento de golpe de Estado y el secuestro" sufrido por el presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa, a la vez que advirtió que "no tolerarán" desafíos "a la autoridad institucional ni golpes de Estado" en Sudamérica. Mientras, el presidente Correa decretó tres días de duelo nacional por las víctimas de la crisis estallada ayer, tras la sublevación de miembros de la policía e intentos de "boicotear" el estado de derecho, publicó EFE. El país retorna a la normalidad y se inician investigaciones para determinar los culpables y juzgarlos."

Ecuador's Correa Haunted by Honduras (tags)

"The co-ordinated actions in various cities, the takeover of Quito's airport by a section of the armed forces – all this indicated a planned coup attempt."

Failed Washington-Sponsored Ecuadorean Coup Attempt (tags)

another Obama coup attempt

"Sands of Silence" Human Trafficking Awareness (tags)

WTLC & Senator Lou Correa will be hosting a Human Trafficking Awareness night on Thursday, October 2nd

The New York Times v. Hugo Chavez (tags)

NYT vilification of Hugo Chavez

Bush and Uribe v. Chavez and Correa (tags)

The latest made in USA regional mischief.

Promised Social Change in Ecuador (tags)

Hope for social change in Ecuador

Globalizing labor against Coca-Cola (tags)

I first met Luis Adolfo Cardona in Bogota, Colombia. He was clearly traumatized. He told my Witness for Peace labor delegation that on December 5, 1996, he’d witnessed the murder of Isidro Segundo Gil inside a Coca-Cola plant.

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