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BFC ACTION: Platform Shuts Down Bison Trap (tags)

Protester who was ignored after repeatedly writing and calling has taken action to block the slaughter of Yellowstone's bison by Montana Dept. of Livestock by perching in an elevated platform.

Libertarian Tom Rawles votes for radar speed trap (tags)

Tom Rawles the Mesa City Councilman who tries to pass himself off as a Libertarian voted for this definitely un-Libertarian photo radar speed trap.

A Very Dangerous Trap: Clash of Cultures (tags)

Huntington warns against waging the battle against terror on the minefield of culture.. Islam may not be combatted, only the crime perpetrated in its name.

South Pasadena set to kill coyotes!!! (tags)

The city thinks killing coyotes is the ONLY way! Please tell them you disagree!

Bush Daddy Crime Report (tags)

The power of lawlessness grows!

Bush Daddy Snare (tags)

It's their own game turned against them.

It's a trap: Don't fall for it! (tags)

"Terror" is a trap set by the national security state. Progressives are walking right into it like sheep. Stop it!

The Terrorism Trap (tags)

Robert Fisk of the Independent is writing a lot these days about the terrorism trap. His thesis is that the US is falling into one by responding in a very predictable manner. I found it very interesting to note that this thesis predates the current situation by a quite some time. Here Richard Barnett in the December 2, 1996 issue of The Nation an article titled: The Terrorism Trap.

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