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student movement

The Student Movement That Never Was (tags)

This past Fall and during some of the Winter there was a small social uprising along the West Coast primarily concentrated at higher education public universities. (Much information at:

In Solidarity With the California Worker/Student Movement: Statement of the WSA (tags)

Defend and Expand the Campus Occupations!

Censorship at Infoshop.Org: The APOC Report (tags)

Here is the article that the "anarchist" webmaster at didn't want people to see...

LIFE AFTER BUSH Conference Updates! (tags)


Iran Student Movement (tags)

Student Movement Coordination Committee in Iran promotes Secularism and Democracy in Iran

Battling Corporate Globalization/Anti-racist student movement (tags)

STARC is taking a proactive role in building an anti-racist student movement for social justice and environmental sustainability in the forested mountains of Santa Cruz, California.

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