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Amtrak Officials Back Schumer's Proposal For ?No Ride List? (tags)

The officials at Amtrak have supported the asinine proposal by NY Sen. Charles Schumer to create a "no ride" list for Amtrak, despite the obvious fact that anyone could take out a train bridge or tracks without EVER BOARDING A TRAIN!

Another CIA sponsored Coup D'Etat? Venezuela’s D-Day (tags)

Apart from the deep involvement of the US, the primary organization of the Venezuelan business elite (FEDECAMARAS), as well as all the major private television, radio and newspaper outlets have been engaged in a vicious fear and intimidation campaign. Food producers, wholesale and retail distributors have created artificial shortages of basic food items and have provoked large scale capital flight to sow chaos in the hopes of reaping a ‘no’ vote.

Event canceled: Minutemen At UCLA a No GO (tags)

Event canceled: Minutemen At UCLA a No GO Organizers are posting on their web site that the appearance of Mini-Man leader, Carl Braun has been canceled. This is only source and has not been confirmed by any other independent source. No reason has been given for the cancellation.

Take the War-on-Iraq IQ Test (tags)

Do you know enough to justify going to war with Iraq?

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