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a must read

The Last Pharaoh’s Video Released -- Free Sneak Preview on Youtube…. (tags)

“This is the book that The Last Pharaoh and his gang do not want you to read and are trying to ban from circulation. This is the book that is a must read for every Western politician and decision maker, not to mention those who enjoy a true story. It should be under the pillow of Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin”,

Finally Democrats find a spine!! 9-11 -- Bush KNEW !! Bush LET IT HAPPEN !! (tags)

FINALLY, some Democrats have found the courage to be more than GOP wannabees. has taken a courageous stand for truth. At their site below, they list links to articles that powerfully indict Bush for complicity in the 9-11 terror strike. A MUST READ. THANK YOU DEMOCRATS.COM !!!!

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