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Information Freedom from 2600 to 2012 (tags)

Need some assistance on outlining the developing movement for communication freedom.

ACTA: Worse Than SOPA and PIPA (tags)

Internet freedom

This Megaupload Post Isn't Illegal Yet (tags)

Megaupload got knocked out, but a mirror has appeared.

Protesting Internet Censorship (tags)


SOPA and PIPA (tags)

Militarization of the Internet can only be confronted with direct action.

Copyright Hypocrisy and the Assault on the Internet (tags)

When the producers of the hit film "The Adjustment Bureau" tried to stiff the daughters of Philip K. Dick, who wrote the story on which the film was based, out of their rights payments on the ground that the story's copyright was invalid, they unwittingly exposed the hypocrisy surrounding the entertainment industry's aggressive attempts to stop so-called "Internet piracy." Bills like the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) in the House and PROTECT IP in the Senate would destroy Internet freedom and turn ISP's into content police in the name of continuing a copyright system that is no longer technologically sustainable.

Internet Freedom Threatened (tags)


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