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Agents Provocateurs at Protests (tags)

Agents Provocateurs - what and who they are.

Attacks and Infiltration against the Occupation Movements (tags)

Occupiers are doing a great service to American but they need to look at within their midst for police provocateurs and criminals taking advantage

Police provocateurs Copenhagen 2002 (tags)

Police provocateurs Copenhagen 2002 For months the police and intelligence agencies have claimed that Copenhagen would be a battlefield of raging violence during the EU-summit. If there is violence, they will tell: We predicted it. If there is none, they'll say: We prevented it. The following photos tell another story.

Rebuking the AIDS denialists (tags)

From an interview with Tim Kingston...

Provocateurs in Genoa: News media accounts (tags)

Pretty incredible account by, yes, AP, of all organizations... on provocateurs


A note to provocateurs.

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