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The misunderstood class warrior Martin Luther King (tags)

Today, 50 years after his assassination, Martin Luther King is more glorified than ever...The memory of the social revolutionary was politically instrumentalized, King was appropriated. Tto tell the story of the reconciled nation, the dissident had to be erased from memory.

John Holloway, Hillel Ticktin, Immanuel Wallerstein on Capitalism's Crisis (tags)

Marxists have been predicting the disintegration of capitalism for so long that most people - including most Marxists - stopped believing it would ever happen. But today anyone who reads the financial press knows that the system is in an unprecedented crisis with no clear way out. The following articles offer a variety of ways of understanding the crisis so we can begin to create a world beyond capitalism:

MLK - His Truth Lives Today! (tags)

"It must be dark in order to see the stars." - Martin Luther King, Jr. Brother King... it is dark, darker than it has ever been. But the light shines within us... we WILL carry on, and one day we'll make your dream come true.

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