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Syria Gas Attack: Assad Wrongfully Blamed (tags)


Washington and Israel Conspire to Oust Assad (tags)


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Anti-Syrian Blame Game Escalates (tags)


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Worrisome Security Council Syrian Resolution (tags)


Further Oppression of the Poor likely at the UN: America – both the Problem and the Soluti (tags)

After many years I devised a human rights approach to address the problems faced by societies, national and international. This includes immediately addressing core minimum obligations (i.e. dealing with the most serious violations), including the empowering rights to human rights education (re democratic support for human rights) and the right to development (re small business promotion) as well as non-retrogression (the protection of existing rights). However remarkably I was to find that the rights I focused on were virtually identical to the rights excluded by the complaints procedure due to be adopted by the UN General Assembly next month. I am now even more convinced than ever that my socially responsible ‘bottom-up’ human rights approach is the path forward while the global elites, international and national institutions fear any change that threatens their positions and lifestyles.

Breaking News! US, UK, UN Covered up evidence that Iraq destroyed its WMD! (tags)

The Bush administration has quoted extensively from the debriefings of Iraq's most famous defector, but neglected to reveal that those debriefings confirmed that Iraq had in fact destroyed all its WMD stocks. This could totally destroy the US case for war against Iraq!

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