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(A-Radio) ABC Belarus sobre la liberación de los presos y las elecciones de octubre de 201 (tags)

El 22 de Agosto, el presidente bielorruso Lukashenko firmó las autorizaciones para la liberación oficial de todos los presos políticos del país. Esto incluía a los tres anarquistas que seguían encarcelados. Por razones de seguridad, esta entrevista ha sido re-grabada usando nuestras propias voces. El audio lo encontrarán aquí: Duración: 6:09 min

(A-Radio) Semana de solidaridad con lxs presxs anarquistas 2015 (tags)

Como Radio Anarquista de Berlín aquí les tenemos una entrevista sobre la semana de solidaridad con lxs presxs anarquistas 2015. En la entrevista hablaremos sobre la “Semana de solidaridad con los y las presas anarquistas” (23.-30.8.2015), quién la organiza y sobre qué va. Por razones de seguridad, esta entrevista ha sido re-grabada usando nuestras propias voces.

(A-Radio) El capitalismo y el sistema legal en UK (tags)

Como Radio Anarquista de Berlín aquí les tenemos una entrevista sobre los recientes cambios en las leyes judiciales en Gran Bretaña. Hablamos con un activista instalado en el Reino Unido que lucha para dar apoyo a las prisioneras sobre estos cambios, en especial con respecto al apoyo legal y la introducción de los llamados “costes de tribunal”, que dejan entrever un sistema judicial cada vez más clasista.

(A-Radio) Reclaim the fields: la soberanía alimentaria y el sistema carcelario (tags)

Como Radio Anarquista de Berlín aquí les tenemos una entrevista con una organizadora de la iniciativa "Reclaim the fields". En ella hablamos sobre el campamento internacional planificado en el norte de Gales para fines de agosto, sobre la relación entre la soberanía alimentaria y el sistema carcelario así como sobre el tema de la abolición de las prisiones en sí.

(A-Radio) Entrevista con la revista anarquista Todo por Hacer (Madrid) (tags)

Como Radio Anarquista de Berlín aquí les tenemos una entrevista con la revista anarquista Todo por Hacer. Todo por Hacer es una revista de Madrid, España, que justo ahora cumple su cuarto aniversario y que por aparecer constantemente cada mes ha logrado establecerse como un importante medio dentro de la escena anarquista. Duración: 17:21 min. El audio lo encontrarán aquí:

Eroding Social Justice in Spain (tags)

class war

We're not going slow. We're going Far--dispatch from an American in Spain (tags)

Report on the events in Spain surrounding large scale demonstrations and assemblies. 14 minutes of video.

Carlos, 1 year without you, 1 year with you (tags)

A 1 hour and 16 minutes documentary about the intense year of fight after the murder of the antfascist comrade Carlos Palomino in Madrid. 11/11/2007

Ghost Troop: USA 666 WMD (3/11/09 - 9/9/09) -- An American Advisory to Police and Militar (tags)

Captain Eric H. May's Ghost Troop cyber-intelligence unit has included a US ambassador, a former Assistant Secretary of the Navy and seasoned military veterans from all services. Their advisory is full of words for the wise.

Concentration in Madrid in front of Israel's embassy in protest for the attacs (tags)

About 2000 people have concentrate in front of the embassy of Israel in Madrid, Spain, to condemn the masacre perpetrated against Palestinians in Gaza.

Man arrested after threatening to kill Bush (tags)

New DVD: Video-Chronicles 2006 (tags)

We include in this release the video-chronicles we have produced during the last year, trying to give voice in an audiovisual format to different moments of the anti-capitalist struggle.

Spain to Negotiate With Basque Separatists (tags)

Pesante-USA reprinted the story about Spain's peace talks with ETA. Meanwhile in the Philippines, the US-Arroyo regime sabotaged the peace negotiaitons and conducted large scale counter -insurgency operations against the NPA. While in Spain, In a politically risky move aimed at ending Europe's last armed conflict, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero announced Thursday that he would open peace talks with ETA, the outlawed Basque guerrilla organization. The talks follow ETA's declaration in March of a "permanent" cease-fire in the group's four-decade fight for independence. Together, the developments represent what many here believe to be the best chance in years for a lasting peace.

False Flag Over London (tags)

The first signs that 7/7 was a false flag op like 9/11 were already apparent on the day. It was a classic train bombing in the tradition of "NATO's Secret Army" - covert ops assets like the "Red Brigades" and Madrid patsies.

False Flag over London (tags)

Will the sheeple become the lamb chops served up on the table of greed? Or will the become human again by some miracle of courage?

False Flag over London (tags)

Will the sheeple continue to be lamb chops on the alter of greed? Or become human by some miracle of couage?

Terrorist atrocity in London (tags)


Meet on March 11 (tags)

Do not be silenced by terrorism. Join thousands meeting across the world on March 11..

Plese, Help Spanish bulls! (tags)

Please, help Spanish bulls, they are cruelty killed!

American Voices Against Bush (tags)

Independent Documentary on the American Voices Against Bush

Message to America (tags)

spread it!

Madrid: UN's credibility critically wounded (tags)

With the UN's quick condemnation of the Basque group ETA for Madrid's carnage, a sad new triumph of politics over truth was born. And a lot of UN credibility died in its birth.

After Madrid attacks, Poland expects worst (tags)

The Madrid attacks have emboldened Polish critics of the war and have put an already fragile government, which has a 9 percent approval rating, on the defensive over its Iraq policy.

N. African and Chechen rebels threaten France with terrorism (tags)

The letter raises the possibility that France could be the site of the next March 11- style bombing. Moreover, it raises the troubling prospect for Paris that the interests of North African and Chechen militants might be converging in France -- possibly under some kind of al Qaeda banner.

Al Qaeda Opens First Embassy in Madrid (tags)

This is the obvious next step for Spain.

The Lessons of Spain (tags)


Spain's PM-elect pledges withdrawal from Iraq, slams Bush (tags)

Some protesters had shouted "Aznar: your war, our dead" as he cast his vote. The spanish people have spoken. In spontaneous protest they filled the streets and spoke their hearts...all the way to the voting booth where they threw Aznar out. WE CAN DO THIS TOO. COALITION OF THE WILLING IS DOWN TO TWO. BLAIR WILL BE THROWN OUT IN JULY. BUSH/KERRY OUT IN NOVEMEBER. TELL THE DNC WE CAN ACCEPT NO ONE BUT KUCINICH. NO MORE WAR!

Socialists win Spain! Bush's man, Aznar, on the way out! (tags)

People react in the street after hearing that Spain's opposition Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) was declared victor in the Spanish general elections in Madrid. The pro-Bush, pro-war Popular Party of Prime Minister Aznar suffered total defeat at the polls. (AFP/Christophe Simon) In a stunning turn of events, the Spanish people have kicked out the ruling Popular Party of Prime Minister Aznar for his close alignment to the U.S. over the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The great majority of Spain's people were, and are, against the war... to which Aznar committed over 1,000 troops. After the terror bombings in Madrid, large crowds began to gather to protest against Aznar and his Popular Party, blaming them for Spain's subservience to Bush and making the country a target of terrorists. The crowds held signs that read: "The bombs that fell on Baghdad exploded in Madrid." The unpopular Aznar government was defeated at the polls by the Socialist Worker's Party, whose candidate Rodriguez Zapatero now becomes President!

Tonights Demostrations IN Spain (tags)



Dennis Miller made no apologies and did not make the correction about the Chechnyn conflict requested by my good freind Vladimir Putin on his daily campaign talk show to promote Bush. Miller is a paid political operative closely related to the Bush cartel who was recommending assasinations the day before the tragedy in Madrid.

Madrid Atrocities:Who is responsible? (tags)


Madrid Counts its Dead (tags)

Spain used to be hit by a traditional car bombing terrorism dued to the separatist ETA group. The bombings that caused death to 198 poeple in Madrid would be more comparable to an Al Quaeda scale terror act. This is Spain's first state-sponsored terrorist action.

911 Days after 9/11 (tags)

What a accident!

Terrorist Atrocity in Madrid (tags)


200,000 in Spain protest Iraq War! (tags)

Hundreds of thousands of antiwar protesters marched in Madrid Spain to call for an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Calls were also made for the total withdrawal of some 1,300 Spanish troops from Iraq. The anti-Imperialist protestors held banners and placards that denounced the idiot Cowboy in the Whitehouse, as well as his puppet... Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar. Protestors also carried thousands of pictures of Spanish television cameraman Jose Couso, who was murdered along with Reuters TV cameraman Taras Protsyuk when U.S. occupation soldiers fired a tank shell at the media hotel where the two were working in Baghdad. The massive anti-war protest was held to mark the first anniversary of demonstrations held around the world when nearly 15 Million people marched to oppose the U.S. oil war against Iraq (Reuters photo/Andrea Comas).

Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74 (tags)

"News coverage of the Madfrid discovery has been virtually nonexistent in this country. The news broke quietly on Feb 29, 2000 with a story that ran once on the UPI wire about the Nature Medicine article." This article was named by Project Censored in 2000.

Spain April 10th-General Strike of Students and Workers against the War on Irag (tags)

War on Irag

Feb 15 Madrid (tags)

Firsthand account of Madrid march



Spain; Students on the Streets against right wing (tags)


Half a Million Workers march through Madrid (tags)

Half a million workers march through Madrid against the "decretazo"

Spanish General Strike (tags)

news from Madrid

Madrid 17-19 of May: Resistance to the EU Summit Meeting (tags)

Last news in english and spanish in LA HAINEweb

Protesters Warm Up For President's Visit (tags)

On Sunday up to 20,000 activists from anti-globalisation and human rights groups held a warm-up march in Madrid., as protests against everything Bush stands for loom to greet him at every turn.

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