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How much children were killed by Nazis in World War 2? (tags)

During the Holocaust, children were especially vulnerable to death under the Nazi regime...

Power of One targeted for torture & death (tags)

Anyone targeted for torture, imprisonment and death by sleazy government assassins, stalkers and vigilantes has something to say in the matter:

Government Regimes Are On A Global Kill Spree (tags)

USA, RUSSIA, UK, etc., are on a vicious torture & kill spree unprecedented in human affairs.

Mr. President ... (tags)

This post reflects my success in exposing crimes against humanity by fbi/cia.

Fib atrocities in many places (tags)

The fbi and cia commit atrocities without regard to borders.

Pentagon Plans Escalated Drone Killings (tags)


Cleveland Police Attack Black Activists (tags)

police state

US Senate Lets Three Patriot Act Provisions Expire (tags)

police state

Obama's Dirty War on Yemen (tags)


Who'll Sanction the Sanctioner? (tags)


Israel's War on Press Freedom (tags)


Russia Denounces New Western Sanctions (tags)


Israel Murders Journalists (tags)


Israeli Extrajudicial Assassinations (tags)


UN Human Rights Committee Denounces US Human Rights Record (tags)

police state

Street Violence in Venezuela (tags)


New York Ending Stop and Frisk? (tags)

police state

Rafik Hariri Murder Trial (tags)


1,000 Days and Counting (tags)


Targeting Iran in Beirut (tags)


Targeting Press Freedom in Palestine (tags)


Oil Espionage: Targeting OPEC (tags)


Waging Economic War on Venezuela (tags)


Israel Attacks Syria and Gaza (tags)


Palestinians and Israelis: Unequal Treatment (tags)


FBI Lawless Unaccountability (tags)


McCarthyism Writ Large (tags)

police state

Israel Governs Lawlessly (tags)


Obama Threatens Humanity (tags)

police state

IRS Scandal: More Than Meets the Eye (tags)


New York Times Supports Targeted Killings (tags)


Honduran Police State Repression (tags)

police state

Turkey Targets Press Freedom (tags)


Whitewashing Extrajudicial Killing (tags)


Obama Declares Global Cyberwar (tags)


Does Netanyahu Want Regional War? (tags)


Obama Prioritizes Targeted Killings (tags)


Intifada Activism Needed (tags)


Targeting Younas Abdullah Muhammad (tags)


Western Sponsored Aleppo Mass Murder (tags)


OWS Activists Called Domestic Terrorists (tags)

police state

Israeli Terror Attacks: Day 8 (tags)


Israeli Terror Attacks: Day 7 (tags)


Waging War Without Declaring It (tags)


Obama's Disposition Matrix (tags)

police state

Israeli Crimes Without Punishment (tags)


Drones: Instruments of State Terror (tags)


ACLU Sues CIA Over Drone Killings (tags)


Legitimizing Illegal Spying (tags)

police state

Silencing Dissent in America (tags)

police state

Bahrain Imprisons Human Rights Leader (tags)


Criminalizing Dissent in Israel (tags)


Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric (tags)


Targeting Bahraini Human Rights Lawyer Mohammed Al-Tajer (tags)

police state

Risking Global War (tags)


Murder Inc: Official Obama Policy (tags)


FBI Entrapment Snares More Victims (tags)

police state

Occupy Wall Street's Act II (tags)

class war

Targeted Killings: US and Israeli Specialties (tags)

rogue states

Israel Lawlessly Indicts MK Sa'id Naffa (tags)


Planned Regime Change in Iran and Syria (tags)


Freedom: An Endangered Species in America (tags)


Targeting Journalists in Iraq (tags)


Rogue Israeli Lawlessness (tags)

state terror

Washington and Israel: Partners in State Terror (tags)

state terror

Police State Justice Under Obama (tags)

police state

America's War on Food Not Bombs (tags)

eroding freedoms

Lawsuit Challenges Obama Administration's Targeted Assassination Policy (tags)

lawless killing now US policy

Political Prisoners in America (tags)

many languish in US prisons

BTL:U.N. and Human Rights Groups Challenge U.S. Use of Drones in Targeted Assassinations (tags)

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine

Democratic Club Chairman Victim of Foul Play (tags)

Political leader targeted

Border Patrol targets immigrant rights activist family in Southeast Riverside County (tags)

Saturday, May 22, 2010
RIVERSIDE County, California - At about 10:30 Saturday night, agents with the US Customs and Border Protection entered an apartment where a family was watching television. Although members of the family asserted their rights, these were not respected. An adult and three minors were arrested and taken to the Theodore L. Newton, Jr. and George F. Azrak Border Patrol Station in Murrieta.

US-Committed Atrocities in Afghanistan (tags)

Afghan atrocities greater than ever

Arab activists arrested in peaceful SF action (tags)

Please forward widely, and remind the public and the press that rock throwing is legitimate non-violent resistence, both in America and in Palestine.

Targeting Dissent - The San Francisco Eight (tags)

Racism and repression are alive and well in America.

Israeli Extra-Judicial Executions (tags)

Israeli crimes of genocide

Clinical trial of microbicide targeted at HIV infection flops, scientists say (tags)

Researchers say that the first anti-microbial gel targeted at HIV infection has proven ineffective in clinical trials.

Are You Scheduled for Political Termination? HR 1955 & S.1959 (tags)

Stop the “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act." Could be used by Government to add thousands of activist organizations and millions of Americans to no travel lists

PERFECT (tags)

ok to reproduce in entirety not-for-profit with credits to author

Targeted: National Security and the Business of Immigration (tags)

DEEPA FERNANDES is the host of the popular morning show, “Wakeup call” on Pacifica radio station WBAI in New York City. Her award-winning radio features have aired on the BBC World Service, and Public Radio International. Her writing has appeared in the Village Voice, In These Times, and the New York Amsterdam News. Targeted, her first book, is the result of four years of research collecting narratives from immigrants as well as human rights groups, community organizers and lawyers who are challenging the Bush Administration's policies.

Warning: You Are About To Enter The 4th Dimension Of Your Life. (tags)

This is about the truly astonishing story of a commodity trader of Swiss-Iranian and Baha'i origin (see who has sought refuge in the United States since 2000 and who is the object of an incredible conspiracy by the Swiss banks and other very powerful actors against him, in order to destroy him personally and professionally with the objective to prevent his democratic plans for world unity and economic justice from ever materializing. You can now access his new modest homepage at Geocities for more information.



Pro-Israel lobby targets BBC online poll (tags)

'Megaphone' lobbyware mobilisation

Terrorist Gang Stalking In America By Americans (tags)

Terrorist Gang Stalking is a tool employed by fascists who seek to quash freedom of speech along many other Constitutional rights. Please join us in the fight to expose and stop this insidious crime.

NSA SIGINT - We Have No Secrets Anymore (tags)

NSA Wiretaps are child's play compared to what electronic SIGINT agents actually do

Gebran Tueni Perishes in Massive Car Bomb Explosion Near Beirut (tags)

Gebran Tueni, a fiery critic of Syria, was assassinated in a car-bomb explosion in Mkalles, east of Beirut Monday. He was 48. Tueni was An Nahar's general manager and Beirut legislator. "God have mercy on Gebran and An-Nahar will remain the beacon for freedom," Druze leader Walid Jumblat told LBCI.

Road to Freedom (tags)

All are invited to learn about a crime affecting an estimated one person in 100, and which has yet to be acknowledged by the justice system.

Videographers/Film makers/Photographers/Activist Witnesses NEEDED! (tags)

i and my family are being gang stalked/terror stalked by the membership of fanatic anti-democratic zionist institutions and their assets in the police and city workers. This is a growing phenomenon within the U.S. and it is meant to terrorize and silence political activists and artists such as myself. we are the victims of multiple stalkers.

Pentagon Threatens to Kill Independent Reporters in Iraq (tags)

Recently at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Eason Jordan, a CNN executive, told a panel that the U.S. military deliberately targeted journalists in Iraq. He said he "knew of about 12 journalists who had not only been killed by American troops, but had been targeted as a matter of policy," said Rep. Barney Frank (Dem) from Massachusetts who was on the panel with Jordan. "When we hear this statement with the knowledge that 63 journalists have been killed in Iraq, in addition to the fact that in a 14-month-period, more journalists were killed in Iraq than during the entire Vietnam War, one begins to get the feeling that the military clampdown on the media is more than a myth or a conspiracy theory'', Baghdad correspondent Dahr Jamail wrote. Some time ago the BBC's Kate Adie* openly said the Pentagon c.s. was out to kill 'un american' journalists, and gave an interview concerning those 'friendly fire' killings of her colleagues.

The Defense Intelligence Agency Is Waging War On Americans (Details) (tags)

In contradiction to their pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, the Department of Defense is violating the First Amendment.

Iraqi ambulances targeted by US snipers (tags)

US snipers target ambulances in Ramadi, killing women and children. The war crimes of GW Bush continue

Oops! Lobbyist accidentally exposes nasty tactics (tags)

Since 1998, The Competitive Enterprise Institute has received nearly $1.5 million in donations from ExxonMobil, the world's largest oil company. Now they're gunning for Senators in favor of legislation to combat global warming.

Lib weekend harassment already started. (tags)

Radical conference in LA is greeted with a weekend of harassment against innocent activists.

Israelis Fire at the People of Gaza (tags)

Israeli helicopters and snipers shoot indiscriminately at people in Rafah and Gaza City.

Israelli pilots refuse to bomb occupied territories, say "Immoral" (tags)

Anti-semitic Jews? Is that possible? Israelli Air Force pilots are refusing to bomb Occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza strip, calling the occupation "immoral" REMEMBER ---ACCORDING TO THE CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WINGERS...IF YOU DONT SUPPORT ISRAEL..THEN YOU ARE AN ANTI-SEMITE.

Happy 5764 (by Latuff) (tags)

...pilots said air strikes on crowded Palestinian areas are "illegal and immoral." They also condemn Israel's continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, saying it corrupts Israeli society...

US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban (tags)

After more than a year of complaints by some US anti-war activists that they were being unfairly targeted by airport security, Washington has admitted the existence of a list, possibly hundreds or even thousands of names long, of people it deems worthy of special scrutiny at airports.

Covert Operations Against Political Targets (tags)

Could the Los Angeles Times be in bed with corrupt County employees?

Is War on Terror a War Against Islam? (tags)

The BBC is taking a poll: Do you think the war against terror is really a war against Islam? Are Muslims being targeted by the war on terror?

L.A. Liberals Targeted (tags)

Liberal civil servants, activists and whstleblowers have been targeted by L.A. right wing groups for years.

L.A. Liberals Targeted (tags)

See earlier article with same title, that email account has now been targeted and disabled, use yahoo address above..

L.A. Liberals Targeted (tags)

Political activists, liberal civil servants and whistleblowers have been targeted for decades in the City of the Angels.

Liberal L.A. Civil Servants Beware! (tags)

Psychological operations and disability are the tools used for decades to remove effective liberal workers and whistleblowers.

Green Party USA elected Coordinator targeted as "terrorist"-denied rights (tags)

GREEN PARTY USA ELECTED COORDINATOR DETAINED AT AIRPORT-PREVENTED BY ARMED MILITARY FROM FLYING TO GREENS GNC MEETING IN CHICAGO IL USA Nancy Oden,an elected Green Party USA coordinator,has been denied flying privileges and her constitutional rights, because of Green Party USA opposition to the bombing in Afghanistan. The new "terrorism" laws have just removed all our rights and have created new "enemies lists"-WHO WILL BE NEXT??

Quebec: 85 confirmed arrests, 50 unconfirmed (tags)

Article: Quebec: 85 confirmed arrests, 50 unconfirmed


In a war, one of the first things that an aggressor or an occupying force attempts to do is to take out the communication systems of its targeted and perceived enemy.

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