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'FBI Tracking, Questioning Muslims In US After Israeli Attack On Gaza' (tags)

Muslims in the US have been followed by the FBI for many years, but complaints have increased after Israeli attacks on Gaza on Oct. 7, Dina Chehata, civil rights managing attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Los Angeles office, told Anadolu.

Gaza's Gypsies Face Daily Racism (tags)

Hamas intolerance extends beyond Christians

PFP Candidate Dina Padilla Continues Battle Against Toxic Site (tags)

After winning a court battle in a case that developer Stuart Lichter had charged that Dina Padilla had made false claims regarding human health hazards that exist on a property that he owns, Dina Padilla says the battle will not be over until the toxic site in Downey, California is no longer a threat to the public and workers.

P&F Congressional Candidate Calls For Closure Of Kaiser Hospital Complex In Downey CA (tags)

Peace and Freedom Party Congressional candidate Dina Padilla is calling for the closure of the Downey toxic site in which Kaiser has built a hospital complex and toxic site developer Stuart Lichter has built the Downey Studio. These sites have not been properly cleaned up and movie and Kaiser workers have gotten sick from contamination

Con Fernando Lugo, ¿habrá justicia para Orlando Letelier? (tags)

Hace un par de semanas el obispo Fernando Lugo pidió perdón a Nicaragua porque el Paraguay hospedó a Anastasio Somoza Debayle. Queda por disculparse con Chile y hacer justicia con Orlando Letelier.

Toxics Coalition Joins Worker's Protest (tags)

Toxics Coalition Interupts Conference to Join Hotel Worker Protest

Militares del Plan Condor sirvientes de la CIA (tags)


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