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The Roving Counter Demonstrator Strikes Again! (tags)

"This was his first visit to Highland Park, and he must have gotten wind that we were planning to observe Hiroshima and Nagasaki days as he brought signs supporting the use of nuclear weapons: one praised the Enola Gay for its involvement in nuking Japan, another thanked General Leslie R. Groves for overseeing the Manhattan Project."

L.A. Demonstration vs. Coup in Haiti 3/1/04 (tags)

A fully produced audio report on an emergency demonstration vs. the coup in Haiti that was held Monday, 3/1/04 in Los Angeles at the Westwood Federal Building. The demonstration was organized by ANSWER. Feel free to broadcast this or use it in any other way that you like. I recorded this myself and can therefore grant such permission, and do grant it here.

Sherman Denied Bail (tags)

Copied from the AP newswire. Just says that he's going to be send back to LA, and that he was denied bail because the judge thinks he would not comply with his order. Tipograph, his lawyer, let out that this is a freedom of speech issue.

Guatemalan demonstrator marches during work stoppage REUTERS/Mario Linares (tags)

A Guatemalan demonstrator marches during a national one-day work stoppage in Guatemala City August 1, 2001. A national coalition of student, trade unions and business groups called for the protest to oppose a two-point value added tax to 12 percent, that came into effect Wednesday morning. REUTERS/Mario Linares

Matthew Rothschild:If You Prepare to Kill Protesters, You'll End Up Doing So... (tags)

People stand around the spot marked by a makeshift memorial where a demonstrator was killed during clashes with police, Saturday July 21, 2001 in Genoa, Italy. The demonstrator was killed Friday during clashes between police and protesters. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno) - Jul 21 10:09 AM ET


Local news in San Diego labeling the protest there as "Biofizzle"

cop grabbing demonstrator while being detained on sidewalk for "jaywalking" (tags)

this is when the 4 cops drove their motorcycles at us on the sidewalk and cut off our path. (just before another 19 cops showed up and sorounded us).. Look at the area I lightened up in this shot. You can see (in the windows reflection) the cop grabbing this demonstrator on the arm. The PEACEFUL demonstrator was telling the cop to get his hands off him at this point.

demonstrator being arrested after being detained for "jaywalking" (tags)

demonstrator being arrested for "JAYWALKING". Cops said that anyone who didn't give their name was going to be arrested. He didn't have his ID on him so he didn't give his name. He was put in the back of the police car for about 10 minutes then given a ticket and taken out of cuffs.

Demonstrator @ FTAA Demo, Larsen Park, San Ysidro, 21 April 2001 (tags)

Demonstrator @ FTAA Demo, Larsen Park, San Ysidro, 21 April 2001

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