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THE JESUS LIE . 15 (tags)

jesus is fiction

Nazi Holocaust Deniers Move to Fountain Valley (tags)

The Nazi and Holocaust deniers of the Institute for Historical Review with it's Jew hating "director" Mark Weber have moved from its base in Costa Mesa to a new location in Fountain Valley, California.

Protest Police Murder of OC Youth- 5/15 (tags)

see below

Advice for Fidel (tags)

Hey Fidel, we're waiting for the invitation!

Night for Bikes @ Griffith Park (tags)

Support the right of cyclists and pedestrians to view the Festival of Lights. Help break our oil habit. Have fun riding through the Griffith Park Lightshow. Show support for a Car Free Festival of Lights.

Night for Bikes! @ Griffith Park Festival of Lights (tags)

See the Griffith Park "Festival of Lights" on two wheels in the fresh air! Bring friends and family to show demand for Car Free days next year. Enjoy the Christmas Lights show without sitting in a car burning oil.

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