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Underhanded History of the USA (tags)

From Grade 5, many schools are becoming binary and anti-racist. "Attitude instead of Education" is by Willy Meyer.

Question sanctions and The cry of the poor (tags)

In Germany, we tend to moralize and romanticize in politics. This prevents us from taking a sober view of world events. We fail to recognize that the U.S. is ruthlessly asserting its own interests, against enemy and friend. The interests of the EU and the U.S. have long since ceased to coincide.

Earth Democracy (tags)

We are part of the universe and the earth and must live in accordance with the laws of the universe as well as the earth. The most basic law is the realization that we share the planet with other beings and that we have a duty to care for our common home.

The Humanity Simulation (tags)

"Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth" - George Orwell. "The struggle of the people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting" - Milan Kundera. Erasing, obliterating is an essential element in building the money machine and the illusion of democracy.

Alternatives to capitalism: Buen vivir (tags)

Capitalism is seen primarily as a system of institutional and racist oppression, and it implies a way of life that sees nature only as a raw material to be exploited. The claim is thus to break with the capitalist mode of production and life in order to create "other forms of life."

New York Times: Enemy of Truth (tags)


Mass Surveillance Destroys Freedom (tags)


Israel: Guilty of Genocidal High Crimes (tags)


Nestle: Global Water Predator (tags)


reiniciar chamán (tags)

Un proyecto indígena de ayuda al desarrollo humano de Europa

Denying Palestinians Fair Access to Water (tags)


The Business of Water: Privatizing an Essential Resource (tags)

Water is life, not a commodity

Reviewing Project Censored's Latest Top 25 Censored Stories (tags)

Project Censored's fabulous new book.

Water is a Human Right, not a Commodity (tags)

In Bolivia there was a bloody struggle over water. Indigenous persons led the water war in Cochabamba. Water is a human right and must be withdrawn from the logic of profit maximization.

Film Night at Flor y Canto: March 2003-September 2005 (Part 2 of 2) (tags)

To mark the five-year anniversary of the Eagle Rock Peace Vigil, here is a list of films shown at Flor y Canto over a two-and-a-half year period. These almost-weekly screenings were an outgrowth of the Eagle Rock Vigil. (Links to the rest of this list can be found below in "comments.")

The battle for ayurveda: India is racing to record the details of its traditional medicine (tags)

The database, totalling more than 30 million pages and known as the Traditional Knowledge Data Library, has come about for one very simple reason: to prevent Western pharmaceutical giants and others using this traditional Indian information to create a product for which they then obtain a patent.

Stop Biotech Bullies from controlling food (tags)

Senate Bill 1056 prevents local communities from having any choices about limiting biotech genetically modified crops in their town or county. Biotech lobbyists have Sacramento's politicians in Assembly Agriculture eating out of their hand..

WTO HKG1: live coverage from the WTO in Hong Kong (tags)

Focus: Agriculture, Food, and Water A show about the World Trade Organization, focusing on the agriculture negotiations which have the potential to affect the lives of billions of people, including the livelihoods and food security of hundreds of millions.

Who Creates Values? (tags)

"Unfortunately some market fundamentalists are at work in the EU who denounce every-thing the state does to protect public goods as distortion of competition.. The globalized market shatters balance of public & private.."

Why the ''Free Market'' despises Open Source software (tags)

The Micorsoft's assualt on open source is like the WTO "free trade" conflict -- a massively subsidised, genetically modified, machinery and chemical-warfare wielding colossus at war with a tiny malnourished day labourer armed with a mattock.

Examining the Impact of Globablization on Women Around the World (tags)

In the unprecedented expansion of world markets that began more than two decades ago, women play crucial roles. Some have been called beneficiaries of this globalization; but many more are its losers. NOW sheds light on how globalization has affected women's lives worldwide.




an essay on the necessity of direct action

World Leaders Debate Environment and Economics at Largest UN Summit Ever Held (tags)

World leaders, activists, and business elite gather in Johannesburg to decide the fate of the planet in what is shaping up to be merely another clash between globolizatiion proponents who want to impose free markets and privatization as the path to sustainable development, versus environmental and social justice activists who say the neoliberal model is inherently unsustainable.

More Photos of Vandana Shiva (tags)

Photo of Vandana Shiva at the Teach in during the Biojustice protests of the Bio Conference.

Vandana Shiva - panel on Organics and Other Alternatives (tags)

Vandana Shiva (Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology, India) speaking at June 22 panel/workshop on Organics and Other Alternatives at 1st Unitarian Universalist Church in San Diego -16 min.

Vandana Shiva holds poster about farmer's suicides (tags)

At the Teach In at San Diego City College on Saturday night, Vandana Shiva spoke about the dire state of Indian farming. Agribusiness has forced farmers to use corporate seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, sending them into financial crisis. In the past three years there have been many cases of suicide by peasant farmers, unable to make a living.

Life Itself (tags)

Andres Barreda, Vandana Shiva and Chaia Heller speak at Beyond Biodevastation.

Life Itself (tags)

Andres Berreda, Vandana Shiva and Chaia Heller speak at Beyond Biodevastation.

Life Itself (tags)

Andres Barreda, Vandana Shiva and Chaia Heller speak at Beyond Biodevastation.

Drawing Morals with Vandana Shiva (tags)

Drawing of Vandana Shiva at the Bio-Devistation Conference

Drawing Morals with Vandana Shiva (tags)

Drawing of Vandana Shiva at the Bio-Devistation Conference

Biojustice 2001/The Ultimate Corporate Takeover (tags)

Report on the "Patents, Biopiracy and Globalization" panel of the Biojustice/Beyond Biodevastation V conference in San Diego, June 22, 2001, with Dr. Vandana Shiva, Andrew Kimbrell, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Andrés Barreda and Chaia Heller. Issues include the rush to patent life forms, biological exploitation of the Third World and the corporate/capitalist mindset behind biotechnology.

Vandana Shiva at the BioJustice 2001 Kick Off (tags)

Vandana Shiva spoke passionately at this evening's teach-in events in San Diego. The room for this panel on organic agriculture was packed with over seventy people.

Great music at Beyond Biodevastation teach-in (tags)

3 bands confirmed for Beyond Biodevastation teach-in, along with speakers Jim Hightower, Vandana Shiva and many others.

Growing Global movement! Stop genetic engineering and protest Bio2001 (tags)

Protest the Chemical Companies!!

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