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Mearsheimer and Walt to be extradited (tags)

To Israel.

Torture supporter Dershowitz (tags)

Is there more to be said?

On the M20 Arrests (tags)

Update regarding two arrests made on 20 March.

To all simple-minded! (tags)

Let us fight now patriotic and anyone who won't fight have to shut up.

Right Winger's Lexicon (tags)

I'm nothing if not fair and balanced. You decide. Do you like my definitions or BA's. We distort you decide.

Bush Daddy Crop (tags)

It's like Bush Daddy was farming poopheads.

Unprecedented-the documentary (tags)

If you didn't make it to the DGA in Hollywood tonight to see "Unprecedented" you were spared from feeling your blood boil once again over the "coup d'etat" by George W. Bush and friends. Its a great film and should not be missed by anyone who truly cares about democracy in this country.

Dillinger Gang-S11 poster< art project2> (tags)

This is Texas Tom Holmes poster in reponse to s11

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