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Illinois Students Pressured by High School to ID 'Ringleader' of Anti-War Sit-In (tags)

As national outrage mounts against the threatened expulsion of dozens of high school students in the wake of a antiwar sit-in at Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois, parents who have attended private meetings with their suspended students and school officials report that their students were offered reduced punishments only if they signed a confession that singled out a student as the organizer of the protest.

Maybe it's just... (tags)

...that each and every time a Bush Admirer post finds itself on the list, one can be sure to see more bombastic, unfounded opinions without the trappings of reality or substantiation. Insulting without reason and generally a deliberate disruption. This is when posts aren't being lifted and touted under this author's own name without reference. But the spelling is always so correct.

The Fifth Column Left Declares War (tags)

The peace movement is not about peace, that it is a fifth column communist movement to destroy America and give victory to our totalitarian enemies.

Coping with disruptions in indymedia and other networked organizations (tags)

The history of a persistent and difficult person who nearly destroyed Indymedia

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