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New York Car Bomb Incident: Another False Flag? (tags)

Another suspicious false flag possibility

Iran's Election and US - Iranian Relations (tags)

evidence US instigating protests and violence

The%20One_and_Only_Solution_Part1.htm (tags)

You need to connect to the One's Heart: The heart of hearts, the real Holy of Holies

Lebanon in Context: An Interview with Bilal El-Amine (tags)

The heart of why Israel is such a source of instability and wars in the region is because its very foundation was at the cost of hundreds of thousands of people - Israel was founded on stolen land and it is in continuous confrontation with all of the people around it. We have to find a way of removing that source of friction and aggression and the only way is to address the Palestinian question and all of the outlying problems that have developed from that, including Israel's occupation of Syrian and Lebanese land.

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