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Solar Cells Made in US by Former Gang Members:Wall Street Journal by Miriam Jordan (tags)

These are considered green collar jobs and need training. Help them make a profit and employ locals. The company name is "Homeboy Industries"Do not steer violent types into the building or vicinity.

L.A. gang members go union (tags)

'They take that street toughness that puts them into Corcoran or Pelican Bay [state prisons] and put it into this.... What we require is no fear. They're perfect for us.' Robbie Hunter, president of the Ironworkers Union

Favela Rising: A Story of Self Actualization in a Marginalized Rio Community (tags)

Favela Rising, a documentary about a social movement in Rio favelas, won the IDA Best Feature this past week. The directors and community organizers hope to spread its message of self-actualization to marginalized communities in the United States, starting with Los Angeles.

Reform of L..A. County Jails is Needed (tags)

Jail task force urges jail reform and preparation for former inmates to be released into society.

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