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Does anybody really care? (tags)

“They” have an awful future planned for most of us and it’s time to get wise to this setup b4 it is too late!

NLG Walkout Help Online - (tags)

The Los Angeles Chapter of the NLG has set-up a website with an online guide to the law surrounding the walkout and discipline because of it. There is also a HELP request form.

Response to Help Screaming (Twice) (tags)

They had me scared that someone was going to hurt me, or kill me. I understand the connection now to 9-11 and it is not good. So they kept me in the view of satellite until it was time to do this. In otherwords I have a right to privacy and I don't want to have satellite on my brain or do anything else. Thank You Thomas Matthew Houser Born: 08/15/78

Police tactics keep the bloc nonviolent (tags)

i think we're suspecting the wrong people of being involved with the police.

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