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Exposition sélective (tags)

Du faux rebelle, du vrai mépris...

Paraphysique du souvenir melting-pot (tags)

De l'histoire vécue ou interprétée...

A l'époque du spectaculaire concentré et diffus ( Hommage à feu Michel Noury ) (tags)

Histoire du A cerclé...

Paraphysique du souvenir melting-pot (tags)

La vérité fait mal, la vérité est amorale...

A l'époque du spectaculaire concentré et diffus ( hommage à feu Michel Noury ) (tags)

Hommage à l'anarchiste feu Michel Noury...

A l'époque du spectaculaire diffus et concentré (tags)

Quand le spectacle n'était pas encore le spectaculaire intégré...

Michel Van Rijn, The Gospel of Judas (tags)

Interview with Michel Van Rijn.

Foucault and the Iranian Revolution (tags)

This is an extraordinary radio interview that aired on KPFK Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles last Monday, on the Iranian Revolution and French Philosopher Michel Foucault, who embraced it. A new book by Janet Afary and Kevin Anderson about this historical situation has great relevance today for our understanding of political Islam, religious fundamentalism and the attack on science and reason.

From plains to shining sea — The call is 'Dump Bush!' (tags)

Michel Chossudovsky: The 911 Commission, War And The Criminal State // AUDIO MP3 (tags)

Guns And Butter Radio: Michel Chossudovsky Interview: “The 911 Commission, War And The Criminal State”; mp3 files

Chemtrails: Michel Chossudovsky on HAARP (tags)

They want/ed to patent life forms and they did attempt to control the food chain through the Terminator Seed ( Monsanto ) - why WOULDN'T they sell nice weather. We ARE talking about megalomaniacs after all.

Bringing the ADC Back to the Democratic Mainstream (tags)

A statement calling for the reinstatement of Michael Shehadeh, prominent civil rights activist, who was relieved of his role as Western Regional Director.

Interview: Michel Shehadeh (tags)

Interviews from Subversity with a representative from the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

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