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Arizona Republic endorses Libertarian Andrea Garcia over racist Russell Pearce (tags)

This must be a mistake!!! The Republic endorses Libertarian Andrea Garcia over racist, police state thug Russell Pearce in the Mesa Senate race!!!! You know Russell Pearce, he is the police state tyrant that created Arizona's racist SB 1070 law. Russell Pearce is also an ex-cop who thinks marijuana smokers should be executed, while Andrea wants to legalize drugs. Hey Andrea, have you been sneaking around doing something we don't know about???? On the other hand sometimes the Republic makes a mistake and actually gets it right.

Libertarian Andrea Garcia (tags)

Libertarian Andrea Garcia

Berlin: Solidarity with Andrea! (tags)

18.12.2007 - Solidarity with Andrea! On the 1st of December the Berlin antifascist Andrea has been arrested by plainclothes cops of LKA┬┤s political branch.

A Better Defense Of Andrea Yates... (tags)

...just ask Dr. David Dunner of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Washington. Andrea Yates' prescriptions to the psychiatric drugs known as Effexor and Remeron are what most likely caused her to go insane and murder her five children.

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