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A Century of War (tags)


Scoundrel Media Warmongering (tags)


Palestinian Unity: A Threat, Says Israel (tags)


Libya: Flashpoint for Global Conflict (tags)


Permanent US Iraq and Afghanistan Occupations (tags)


Tell Your Reps to Sign On to Anti-War Letter to Obama (tags)

A recent letter initiated by a bipartisan coalition of eight anti-war Congress members urges President Obama to reconsider his choice of further military escalation in Afghanistan. The escalation of 30,000 additional troops sent to Afghanistan will only further destabilize the region by encouraging local Afghans to join the Taliban fighters as they offer the only real resistance to the occupation forcces and the overtly corrupt Karzai government.

Conspirators as Illuminati: Bush Administration as Juntocracy (tags)

A parallel or shadow government, a Cheney-Rumsfeld-Bush axis, was established.. Groups, offices and departments were elimi-nated and ad hoc groups formed.. The NSC was developed into a kind of parallel govern-ment.

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