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Masses of Immigrants Demand Amnesty (tags)

A big crowd of determined, joyful people marched down Broadway to peacefully demand amnesty for undocumented immigrants, and to public show their committment to justice for immigrants.

Pro-Immigration/Amnesty Protest on Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles 04.07.07 (tags)

Pro-Immigration/Amnesty Protest March on Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles 04.07.07. 12.:30 PM

CHAOS on BROADWAY: A Call to Action! NYC - RNC Protests (tags)

An all-encompassing festively militant event: Sunday, August 29th 4pm, Theater District NYC

Clear Channel Is A Subsidiary Of Bush, Inc (tags)

t's no coincidence that Clear Channel executives Tom Hicks and L. Lowry Mays have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Bush's gubernatorial and presidential campaign coffers. Or that Clear Channel gave $119,370 in "soft money" to Republicans in 2001-2002, this on top of the $82,850 it gave in 2000. (Democrats, meanwhile, got $25,000 in soft money in that same three-year period.)

Clear Channel Bush INC. (tags)

Why the land of the brave is becoming the land of the slave.

San Diego Today 5:00PM Horton Plaza (tags)

Today as the united states attacks Kabul, there will be a Peace Rally at the Horton Plaza at 5:00PM On Broadway between 3rd and 4th PEACE NOW!

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