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Mex/CA Cotton workers & cancer (tags)

Corporate cotton, rio agua theft, pesticide exposure and worker cancer, loss of indigenous culture in maquiladoras, Chiapas/Oaxaca impacts of NAFTA/WTO/PPP/etc..

The Disappearing Women of Juarez (tags)

this is capitalism

Houses Demolished in Tijuana's Cerro Maravilla Community (tags)

The city government of Tijuana has demolished the 250 houses that make up the working class community of Cerro Maravilla, Puerto al Futuro (Magnificent Hill, Door to the Future).

Maquiladoras tijuanenses cesan cada año a 900 embarazadas (tags)

Lunes 19 de noviembre ¤ Común, no contratar a quienes den positivo en examen JORGE ALBERTO CORNEJO CORRESPONSAL

Dan La Botz Teaches About Mexican Maquiladoras (tags)


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